Rockets Events

Iowa Rockets Volleyball Club traditionally hosts several events each year. Below is a list of our upcoming events. We will provide more details and information how to sign up as the each date gets closer.

Iowa Rockets Jr HS 4s League for 2023

What: Iowa Rockets 4 vs 4 league.  Players going into 6th or 7th or 8th grade.
When: Sun, Mon, Wed August 13, 14, 16, 2023.  Rockets will provide 1 hour of practice and instruction on the 1st date, Sun August 13th, from 5:00 to 6:00; competition from 6:00-8:30pm.  Mon, Wed competition will be from 6 to 9pm.
Where:  Scanlon Gym (Mercer park) 2701 Bradford Drive, Iowa City.
Format: 4 vs 4.  Playing format will be 1 set to 25pts; playing against 3 different opponents each night.  4 teams per pool.  Teams can have up to 5 players on the roster.  One player may sub per game.  Team must have a minimum of 3 players to play.
Cost:  $100 per team for 3 nights of competition.  Prizes for first place team.  Paid first referee will be provided. 

  •  A responsible adult must be present at the gym.  This adult is not a coach – they are a responsible adult affiliated with the team for supervision and assistance.
  • If you don’t have a team or if you need an extra player we encourage you to sign up and indicate you are looking for more players – and we’ll help.
  • First 2 dates will be pool play for seeding.  Last date will be tournament format. Teams earn points on each date to determine final finish.
  • Teams will have officiating assignments.  Teams will provide 1 score flipper and 2 line judges.
  • All game balls and warm-up balls will be provided.
  • Warmup will be: Each team full court for 2 minutes followed by 1 minute shared serving.
  • Uniforms are not needed.
  • Each player must sign a participation waiver.
  • Space is limited – sign up your team today.  Your spot is guaranteed when your payment is received.

SEND EMAIL to Kyla with your team name, name of ALL players, and name of the team’s responsible adult.

Here’s what players to say about Rockets 4v4 League…

“We are having a great time. Lots of these teams are reallly good!”
 “I like playing in the back row. I KNOW it’s made me better.” 

And the parents say…

“I didn’t realize how competitive this would be. But the great part is they are having so much fun.” 
“We are so glad we came. I love to see the girls do ALL the skills – this is certainly a learning experience for them.”

Rockets Blast 2023

Schedules for Rockets Blast on February 5th 2023 are now available. Please read the information sheet carefully.  Team camp space and especially bleacher space is limited; so we recommend that spectators leave the gym or facility when not playing.  There will be 1 table for each team camp in the team camp area.  Please keep your camp small and do not mix with other teams. 

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Rockets Blast II – 18 Power – Xtream Arena – schedule coming soon
Rockets Blast II – 15 Power – Xtream Arena – Schedule & Info
Rockets Blast II – 13 Gold – North Dodge Athletic Club – Schedule & Info

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Rockets Blast II – 17 Power – U of Iowa Fieldhouse – schedule coming soon
Rockets Blast II – 17/18 Gold – U of Iowa Fieldhouse – Schedule & Info
Rockets Blast II – 16 Power – U of Iowa Fieldhouse – Schedule & Info
Rockets Blast II – 16 Gold – Xtream Arena – Schedule & Info
Rockets Blast II – 14 Power – Xtream Arena – Schedule & Info
Rockets Blast II – 15 Gold – North Dodge Athletic Club – Schedule & Info
Rockets Blast II – 14 Gold – Scanlon Gym – Schedule & Info

Sunday, February 5, 2023
Rockets Blast – 11/12 Gold tourney – Scanlon Gym – schedule & info
Rockets Blast – 12 Power tourney – Xtream Arena – schedule & info
Rockets Blast – 13 Power tourney – Xtream Arena – schedule & info

Sunday, February 11 & 12 , 2023   Coming soon

Apple Pie Fundraiser

Each year Iowa Rockets girls and families make FRESH apple pies.  It’s a marathon apple peeling fiasco!  Lots of fun and team bonding, not to mention the yummy apples!  The pies are absolutely delicious and we get requests all year round for these pies!  We make the pies in late-November and December, just in time for Thanksgiving and your holiday parties.  Contact ANY Iowa Rockets player to order your delicious, fresh, unbaked Rocket Pie.

December Activities

Iowa Rockets December activities include:

  • College Recruiting Video Sessions
  • Iowa Rockets Play Days
  • Rockets Pre-season Scrimmage (tentative)
  • Strength & Plyometric Training
  • Pre-season team practices

Stay tuned for details.  But expect to stay busy and HAVE FUN in December! Check back on the calendar page and clinics page when info is available in November.

Rockets Tweener Clinic

Iowa Rockets host their Tweener Clinic between Christmas and News Years (hence the name) each year.  Dates for the this year’s 2020 Tweener Clinic will be coming soon.  Each age group will have 2.5 to 3 hours each day of All Skills, while setters will have additional hours of clinic.  Clinic hours can be anytime during the day or evening. The clinic includes All Skills and specific Setter Training, and some Hitter training as well, to get a jump on the upcoming club season.  The Tweener Clinic is only open to Iowa Rockets players. Check back on the clinics page when info is available in December.

Rockets Pre-national Scrimmage

Hello and welcome to the info page on Iowa Rockets Pre-Nationals Scrimmage.  You will find the schedule. Please double check that you are not scheduled in 2 places at once.  Most teams only have to ref once, but often you will need to cover 2 courts.  This means 2 up refs, 4 line judges and 2 score flippers.  If you have enough for a down ref, that would be great.  Please wear numbered shirts/jerseys and a distinguishable libero jersey. Please stick to the listed times to BEGIN and END each match.  Warm-ups may be 5 to 8 minutes (MAX) which gives you enough time for 2 sets to 25 (win by 2) and to start a 3rd set (even if the same team won both sets).  Do “rock, paper, scissors” for serve; there are no line-ups to turn in or check – just start play.  Teams may call time-outs and sub or exchange players as needed – please let the other team know if you have someone going thru the front row twice or have some other anomaly in your lineup. Courts 1 & 2 at West Branch HS (sport court flooring in practice gym) are separated from courts 3 & 4 (wood flooring in the Main gym).  As mentioned before the school has air conditioning, but it might not keep up, so bring extra shirts.  You can bring in all your own food (no plug in appliances) – but PLEASE clean up your camp area before you leave.  No food or drink other than water allowed in either gym.  Both gyms have bleacher seating; NO chairs are allowed in the main Gym (courts 3 & 4). Courts 5 & 6 are at Iowa City’s Robert Lee Rec Center. 220 S.Gilbert Street, Iowa City.  There is a parking lot with meters – but parking is FREE on Sunday.  Area for team camps is limited.  Please stay in/around the gym.  Do not camp or wander up stairs. Please stay off of the exercise equipment.  You can bring in all your own food (no plug in appliances) – but PLEASE clean up your camp area before you leave.  No food or drink other than water allowed in either gym.  Seating is limited; you may bring in a soft-tipped chair but be  prepared to share your chair (or remove it) when your team is not playing. Doors to both facilities open at 7:45am. Thank you very much for attending. Tentative date is Sunday, June 4th. Check back on the home page  when info is available in May. –>

Rockets Beach Volleyball 2023

Iowa Rockets is hosting Beach Volleyball Clinics in May/June.  Lead coaches for this year’s Beach Volleyball clinics is former Rockets and now professional beach player Erin O’Connor along with pro player Hunter Sade.  Iowa Rockets alumni, yes Alumni Rocket Sand players, are scattered around the country playing on top collegiate teams – including TWO National Championship teams the past 2 years (University of Tampa and Colorado Mesa State University).  NEW this year, the Rockets Beach Volleyball Clinics are open to EVERYONE (Rockets and non-Rockets); but space is limited.

Classes start Monday, May 16. They are held each Monday and Friday. Dates are: May 16, 20, 23, 27, 30, June 3, 6, 10, 13, 17. Young players from 5:30-7:00. Older players from 6:50-8:30pm. Location is Dovetail Sand Courts (401 E Oakdale Blvd, Coralville). Cost is: $50 for Rockets players, $65 for non-Rockets. (Players may also purchase a Rockets Beach VB Tank for $10) Please send email to Kyla at Iowa Rockets email to sign up. 


Sign up SOON…Clinic starts MONDAY May 16th.