Alumni Quotes

What former Iowa Rockets players are saying about Iowa Rockets college recruiting –

Kalyn ErtzWartburg College
Kalyn Ertz
Wartburg College
“Playing for Rockets gave me the opportunity to be seen by coaches at every level. Rockets places their teams in competitive tournaments where college coaches are present. And they also helped me create a great recruiting video.”

Anna PaskovaGarner-Webb University
Anna Paskova
Garner-Webb University
“Lauren (Hansen) was very helpful in my recruiting process! She was very respectful and helped me go from being unsure about collegiate volleyball to taking a chance and loving it. She let me make my own decision while still being there to guide me and help me figure out the best option for me. I ended up choosing a school I would have never chosen or even visited had it not been for Lauren…and I am so happy I did!”

Shelley StumpffWingate University
Shelley Stumpff
Wingate University
“Lauren did an awesome job helping me get recruited. Not only did she help send video to coaches who were interested, but she helped make sure the school was the right fit for me. Not many coaches are that caring about their players, and Lauren is that kind of person. I would definitely not be where I am today without her help, and cannot thank her enough.”

Erin MuirYoungstown University
Erin Muir
Youngstown University
“Rockets really opened my eyes to what was available to me as a player. They helped me realize that I could play at a high level even in college. Then they helped me take the steps to actually make it happen.”