Rockets Tryouts for 2024-25 Season

Here’s the scoop on Iowa Rockets Summer Tryouts. To accommodate your busy summer, we have 2 tryout dates in each age group. If you have a special situation, please give us a call and we’ll work with you. Also see the FAQ section below for information about Fall tryouts.

Get to Know Rockets

There are a lot of opportunities at Rockets. If you’re interested in Rockets, please CONTACT us by email or call us at (319) 330-9499.  We’d LOVE to talk with you.  If you are not familiar with Iowa Rockets and would like to be considered for a certain team, just reach out to us.  Contrary to popular belief, our teams are NOT set and we have openings on all teams. 

Tryout Locations

Xtream Arena & GreenState Family Fieldhouse (just off I-80 at exit #242) – 200 East 9th St. in Coralville.
Scanlon gym (Mercer Aquatic Center) 2701 Bradford Dr. Iowa City.

With new age guidelines, we encourage you to tryout in both your “USAV age group” and your “grade level age group” if they are different. Only those with a July or August birthday are affected.  If you’re unsure of which age to tryout in, check the age definition chart, found – here. Or you may text Kyla at (319) 330-9499 and she will call or text you back.  Tryout fee is $35.  ($45 tryout fee if you do not pre-register online at least 24 hours before tryout.)

10s, 11s, 12s

10s & 11s will be
* Sat July 20th at XTREAM 4:45-6:45pm
* Sat July 27th at Scanlon 3-5pm

12s will be
* Sat July 13th at Scanlon 9-11am; 
* Sat July 20th at XTREAM 7-9pm

13s, 14s, 15s

13s  will be
* Sun July 14th at Scanlon 3:15-5:15pm; 
* Mon July 29th at XTREAM 5-7pm

14s  will be
* Sun July 21st at XTREAM 3:15-5:15pm; 
* Tues July 30th at XTREAM 5-7pm

15s  will be
* Sun July 14th at Scanlon 1-3pm; 
* Mon July 29th at XTREAM 7:15-9:15pm

16s, 17, 18s

16s  will be
* Sun July 21st at Xtream 1-3pm 
* Tues July 30th at Xtream 7:15-9:15pm

17s & 18s  will be
* Sat July 27th at Scanlon 9-11am 
* Wed July 31st at Xtream 6-8pm

Words of Wisdom

Tryouts can be stressful – just try your best, play FREE, and have some fun! We are not always looking at the ‘result’ of your skill. Often we are looking at effort, willingness to change, judgement, how you treat others, hustle, communication, and the intangibles that make a good teammate. These things are hard to evaluate, so just let your colors shine thru!

Age Definition

We prefer to have you tryout in the youngest age group that you’re eligible for. That way we can field strong teams in every age group. If you are unsure of the age group you should tryout in, just give us a call at (319) 330-9499, and we’ll help you figure it out. Or check with the Iowa Region regarding NEW age definitions. The clinics that we run are totally separate from Rockets and you do not have to get into a clinic to tryout for Rockets. ALL are welcome to tryout! The fee of $35 covers both tryouts. You can mail or deliver a check in advance, or pay cash at the door. (The tryout fee is $45 if you do not pre-register online at least 24 hours before the tryout.)
Age Definition Chart.

FAQ About Tryouts

Everybody is welcome to attend tryouts (and Rockets clinics). We welcome families who are new to Rockets and hope you like the positive environment and exceptional training.

Iowa Rockets will not pressure you to make a decision. We will send you the official Iowa Region offer email. When you receive this official email, we guarantee to hold your offer until the Aug 11, 2024 date. All clubs are bound by these rules. (Iowa Region Tryout Policy)

The fee for Summer tryouts is $35 when you pre-register. This covers attendance at both Summer tryouts. (The tryout fee is $45 if you do not pre-register online at least 24 hours before the tryout.)

Absolutely! We would love for you to see what Iowa Rockets volleyball is all about.

Iowa Rockets will contact each player by phone for Summer tryouts. It’s a daunting task, but you deserve to hear from us, in person. We will not print or publish the results of tryouts.

Yes, Iowa Rockets will have regular Fall 2024 tryouts. These will be held in mid- to late-October.
Attending the Summer tryout is great. But if you cannot attend, then please attend the Fall tryouts. This later tryout will give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills even more during summer clinics, school season, and fall clinics.
Rockets teams will not fill up as a result of Summer tryouts. There will be many, many spots to fill based on Fall tryouts. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.