Gyms & Courts

Below are the various Gyms, Courts, or Facilities we often use for practices, tournaments or meetings.

SC Scanlon Gym (Mercer Aquatic Center) – 2701 Bradford, Iowa City
StP St Patrick Church gym – 4330 St Patrick Drive, Iowa City
NDAC North Dodge Athletic Club – 2400 North Dodge St, Iowa City
WK Wickham Elementary – 601 Oakdale Blvd, Coralville
FCC First Christian Church – 900 Lincolnshire Blvd, Coralville
GG – Greg’s Gym – 2427 Hwy 6 NW, Tiffin (about 2 miles west of CCA High school) there’s a sand court in the front yard, then a big gray house, and Greg’s gym is in the backyard
BL Borlaug Elementary – 1000 Kennedy Parkway Coralville
GW – Grant Wood Elementary – 1930 Lakeside Dr, Iowa City
SE SouthEast Jr High – 2501 Bradford, Iowa City
Coralville Sand Cts Oakdale Blvd, east of 1st Ave, Coralville
U of Iowa Sand Cts – near Finkbine golf course & U of Iowa Soccer fields