Dates will be posted in late August.  There will be at least 2 tryouts for each age group.  Our tryouts only cost $30; it’s worth the wait!
We believe that having tryouts AFTER your school season gives you a chance to improve and change. Plus we’ll have another round of clinics in the Fall – for all ages.
Enjoy your summer, take a vacation, have a life, and come back in the Fall with renewed excitement for Volleyball!

17r-raina-jump-joy-650Raina and 17R – Celebrate Good Times!
Xtream Arena & GreenState Family Fieldhouse (just off I-80 at exit #242) – 200 East 9th St. in Coralville.
With new age guidelines, we encourage you to tryout in both your “USAV age group” and your “grade level age group” if they are different.  Only those with a July or August birthday are affected.
If you’re unsure of which age to tryout in, check the age definition chart – here.  Or you may text Kyla at (319) 330-9499 and she will call or text you back.
Tryout fee of $30 covers both tryouts. ($45 fee if you do not pre-register online 24 hours before tryout.)
All girls should complete online (and pay for) their membership with USA Volleyball prior to trying out.
To see the Tryout Schedule in Calendar form, click on ‘Team Info’ and ‘Calendar’ above, to the left.   Tryout Schedule available late August
Once you have successfully registered online for tryouts, please send a check for $30 to:
Iowa Rockets     3 Rapid Creek Dr. NE     Iowa City, IA 52240
Please indicate athlete’s name and tryout AGE group (e.g. Amy Adams, 15s) in the memo section of your check. 

Tryout information for the 2020-21 season is listed below.

18r-caitlin-set1-350Caitlin Smith – Drake Univ.

11s  – Sun Sept 27th at NDAC from 4:30-6:15pm; and Sun Oct 4th at Xtream from 3-5pm
12s – Sun Sept 27th at NDAC from 6:15 to 8:15pm; and Sun Oct 4th at Xtream from 3-5pm
13s – Sun Oct 18th at Xtream from 6-8pm;  and Sun Oct 25th at Xtream from 3-5pm
14s – Sat Oct 24th at Xtream from 4 to 6pm;  and Sun Nov 1st at Xtream from 3-5pm

For 15s participating in State VB – Saturday Nov 7th from 3:30-5:10pm at North Dodge Athletic Club

For 16s participating in State VB – Saturday Nov 7th from 1:30-3:20pm at North Dodge Athletic Club

17s –  Saturday Nov 7th from 5:20-7:10pm at North Dodge Athletic Club

18s – Saturday Nov 7th from 7:15-9pm at North Dodge Athletic Club

Be sure to check out BeforeYouAttend info and In a Nutshell for more information about Iowa Rockets!

Click here for Online Registration. Registration for additional age groups coming shortly.

14r-block1-250Macy & Alexis “The Wall”15r-kelsey-dig1-250Kelsey diggin’ it up! Tryouts can be stressful – just try your best, play FREE, and have some fun! We are not always looking at the ‘result’ of your skill. Often we are looking at effort, willingness to change, judgement, how you treat others, hustle, communication, and the intangibles that make a good teammate. These things are hard to evaluate, so just let your colors shine thru!

We prefer to have you tryout in the youngest age group that you’re eligible for. That way we can field strong teams in every age group. If you are unsure of the age group you should tryout in, just give us a call at (319) 337-3613 or 330-9499, and we’ll help you figure it out. Or check with the Iowa Region regarding NEW age guidelines The clinics that we run are totally separate from Rockets and you do not have to get into a clinic to tryout for Rockets. ALL are welcome to tryout! The fee of $30 covers both tryouts. You can mail or deliver a check in advance, or pay cash at the door. (The $45 tryout fee is only owed if you fail to register online, 24 hours before your tryout.)