2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to former Rockets players  Jess Gehrke (2010) and Ali Stark (2011)!


Jess and Ali join other former Rockets players and coaches in the Hall of Fame –

  • Haley Eckerman inducted Nov 2016 –
  • Chelsey Semprini inducted Nov 2015 –
  • Brynja Rodgers inducted Nov 2013 –
  • Shannon Aschoff inducted Nov 2012 –
  • Molly O’Brien inducted Nov 2005


Rockets 4s League – Great Time


Tough competition at the Iowa Rockets Jr HS 4s League   Last year was a super-fun time! Hear what some of the girls said about last year’s event:
“We are having a great time. Lots of these teams are reallly good!”
“I like playing in the back row. I KNOW it’s made me better.”

And parents say:
“I didn’t realize how competitive this would be. But the great part is they are having so much fun.”
“We are so glad we came. I love to see the girls do ALL the skills – this is certainly a learning experience for them.”

Iowa Rocket volleyball is offering a fast-paced, exciting 4v4 league for Jr High School players! Stay fresh with volleyball while keeping up your competitive edge. League will meet for 3 dates – space is limited! Get your team together and sign up right away to join the fun. On-line registration link at the bottom of this section.

What: Iowa Rockets 4 vs 4 league. Players going into 6th or 7th or 8th grade. When: Sun, Mon, Wed August 8, 9, and 11, 2021. Rockets coaches will provide 1 hour of practice and instruction on the 1st date, Sun August 8th, from 5:00 to 6:00; competition from 6:00-8:30pm. Mon and Wed competition will be from 6 to 9pm. Where: Scanlon Gym (Mercer park) 2701 Bradford Drive, Iowa City. Format: 4 vs 4. Playing format will be 1 set to 25pts; playing against 3 different opponents each night. 4 teams per pool. Teams can have up to 5 players on the roster. One player may sub per game. Team must have a minimum of 3 players to play. Cost: $100 per team for 3 nights of competition. Prizes for first place team. Paid first referee will be provided. Other details:

  • A responsible adult must be present at the gym.  This adult is not a coach – they are a responsible adult affiliated with the team for supervision and assistance.
  • If you don’t have a team or if you need an extra player, we encourage you to email us and indicate you are looking for more players – and we’ll try to find others that want to play.
  • First 2 dates will be pool play for seeding.  Last date will be tournament format.  But all teams play 3 times each evening.
  • Teams will have officiating assignments.  Teams will provide 1 score flipper and 2 line judges. Again, paid refs are provided.
  • All game balls and warm-up balls will be provided.
  • Warm-up will be: Each team full court for 2 minutes followed by 1 minute shared serving.
  • Uniforms are not needed.
  • Each player must sign a participation waiver.
  • Email us at IowaRockets@gmail.com and let us know the names of each player and a team name (although you can give us a team name later).
  • Mail the $100 team fee to:  Iowa Rockets    3 Rapid Creek Dr.    Iowa City, IA  52240


4sLeague-winners 2018 1st and 2nd place teams

Iowa Rockets weekend summary


Iowa Rockets March 7/8 weekend – when we were able to play.

Iowa Rockets teams were around the state and around the mid-west garnered some stellar finishes.

Iowa Rockets 12 Black – Finished 1st place at the QC Volleyball Factory 14s tournament.

Iowa Rockets 12 Silver – Finished 1st place at the TBK Sports Tourney.

Iowa Rockets 14 Black – Finished 1st place at the No Limits Tourney in Sterling.

Iowa Rockets 14 Gold – Finished 2nd place at GameOn Sports.

Iowa Rockets 14R – finished 2nd at the Champions Cup Tournament in 14 Open.  An outstanding 2-day tournament with the top teams from around the Chicago-area.  Iowa Rockets finished 4-2.  Their only losses going to host team Sports Performance 14 Elite – 13-15 in pool, and 15-17 in bracket play.  Congratulations for a super successful weekend.

Iowa Rockets 15 Black – finished 2nd at Bettendorf 16s tourney.

Iowa Rockets 15R – captured 2nd place overall at Crossroads National Qualifier in Denver. During the 3-day tournament 15R went 9-1.  Their only loss was in the finals against MAVS.  Capturing 2nd in USA division qualifies 15R for USA Volleyball Nationals Championships June 26-29 in Dallas, TX.

Iowa Rockets 16R – captured 1st place overall at the AAU Grand Prix 18s division in Rockford, IL.  They were undefeated on the weekend – did not even drop a SET!  Congrats to Calia Clubb named to the all-tournament team.  The competition was fierce, including the finals where 16R came from behind 9-20 to win 25-23! That’s mental toughness!!

12b-select-champs2a12 Black – QC Volleyball Factory 14s Tournament Champions


12silver-tbk-champ2a12 Silver – TBK Sports tournament champions

15r-xroads-champ2a15R 2nd place 15 USA Division – Goin’ to DALLAS!


16r-rockford-champ2a16R – AAU Grand Prix champions!!



131 pres day



14r-stl-5  161 pres day 1

16r-pres day1February 8-9, 2020
Iowa Rockets 11s – 1st place Iowa Select Tournament
Iowa Rockets 12 Silver – 2nd Iowa Select Tournament
Iowa Rockets 12 Gold – 1st place Corridor Courts
Iowa Rockets 14 Gold – 1st place Platform Elite
Iowa Rockets 15 Gold – 3rd place Mid-Winter Meltdown – Peoria
Iowa Rockets 16R – 6-0 at Badger Region Power League

16r jan 11 all dads

16R – Dads and Daughters

February 2, 2020
Iowa Rockets 12 Silver – 2nd place CPU Tournament
Iowa Rockets 13 Black – 1st place Platform Elite 14s
Iowa Rockets 13-1 – 2nd place Corridor Courts 14s
Iowa Rockets 13 Gold – 5th place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 14R – 2nd place Rockets Blast 15s
Iowa Rockets 15R – 2nd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 15-1 – 5th place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 16R – 1st place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 16-1 – 3rd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 17-1 – 3rd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 17 Black – 3rd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 18-1 – 3rd place Rockets Blast

13 black 1st platform

12 gold first marion

January 25-26, 2020
Iowa Rockets 11s – 1st place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 12 Black – 1st place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 12 Silver – 3rd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 12 Gold – 1st place Corridor Courts Tournament
Iowa Rockets 13 Black – 2nd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 13 Gold – 5th place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 14R – 2nd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 15R – 3rd place Iowa Tour 16s
Iowa Rockets 15-1 -4th place Platform Elite 16s
Iowa Rockets 15 Black – 1st place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 15 Gold – 2nd place Rockets Blast
Iowa Rockets 16R – 6-0 at Badger Region Power League
Iowa Rockets 16 Black – 3rd place Platform Elite Tournament

15black blast 1

16r blast first

January 19, 2020
Iowa Rockets 14 Gold – 1st place at Iowa Select Tournament
Iowa Rockets 15 Black – 2nd place at Corridor Courts Tournament
Iowa Rockets 15 Gold – 1st place at Corridor Courts Tournament
Iowa Rockets 17 Black – 2nd place at Durant Tournament
Iowa Rockets 18R – 5th place Windy City National Qualifier

14 gold 1st jan 19

January 11 & 12, 2020
Iowa Rockets 11s – 1st place Tipton tourney
Iowa Rockets 12 Gold – 1st place Tipton tourney
Iowa Rockets 12 Silver – 2nd place Marion tourney
Iowa Rockets 16R – 6-0 at Badger Region Power League

12Gold-1-12-20-first-tipton12 Gold – 1st place Tipton Tourney

12Silver-1-11-20-second-marion 12 Gold – 2nd place Marion Tourney

January 4 & 5, 2020
11s – 1st place Adrenaline 12s tournament
12 Black – 2nd consolation Six Pack 13s division
13 Black – 1st place Six Pack tournament
13-1 – 1st place consolation Six Pack tournament
14R – 2nd place Six Pack tournament
14 Black – 5th place Six Pack tournament
14 Gold – 1st place Corridor Courts Tournament
15R – 1st place Six Pack Tournament (Qualifying Division)
15-1 – 2nd place consolation Six Place Tournament (Qualifying Division)
15 Black- 1st place Six Pack tournament (Gold Division)
15 Gold – 2nd place Six Pack tournament (Gold Division)
16R – 3rd place Six Pack tournament
16-1 – 1st place consolation Six Pack Tournament
16 Black – 3rd place consolation Six Pack Tournament
17R – 5th place Six Pack Tournament
17-1 – 5th place Six Pack Tournament
17 Black – – 5th place consolation Six Pack Tournament
18R – 1st place Six Pack Tournament
18-1 – 9th place Six Pack Tournament

11b-1-4-20-first place- adrenaline

11s 1st place Adrenaline 12s tourney

15r-1-5-20-first-six pack

15R 1st place Six Pack tourney

Rocket Pie is Back

Iowa Rockets apple pie fundraiser!

We are at it again – making those DELICIOUS, FRESH Iowa Rockets apple pies. We are making pies on

  • Saturday, Dec 1
  • Sunday, Dec 9

If you need one pie or several you may contact Kyla via her Rockets email…or contact ANY Iowa Rockets family.

Thank you for supporting Iowa Rockets.

After you make a Rockets team


Congratulations and welcome to the start of a great Rockets season!  Below is important info and several tasks for you.

FIRST – our All-Club kick-off meeting is Sunday, Nov 15 afternoon at First Christian Church; 900 Lincolnshire Place, Coralville, IA.  We need (at least) one parent to attend and the player as well.  Meet your coach, meet your teammates, learn more about Rockets, complete some paperwork, try on uniforms, pay fees and possibly win a DOOR PRIZE!!

Please print the following.  Complete and bring them with you to the meeting.

Update your membership to change your team affiliation to QC-Iowa Rockets. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Iowa Region website –  iavbreg.org  (USAV Membership site)
  2. Login
  3. Click “My Information” link.
  4. For “CLUB” – select “QC-Iowa Rockets
  5. Save your changes.

To receive info about about practices, upcoming clinics, Rocket Gear, Play Days, changes, club-wide information and much more – you have to be listed in the ROCKETS DIRECTORY.  Please enter your information here…  On-line entry for Rockets Directory.  This information is not given out to anyone, it is only used by Kyla or David for club-wide emails, and each team only has access to their own team’s information.

Planning ahead –

  • Please check the Rockets November/December calendar (under Team Info) on the website.
  • Apple pie making: The most delicious team bonding time.  The first of two pie-making dates is  Sunday, Nov  24 starting at 1:00pm
  • Rockets Play Day: Sunday, Dec 1 – teams and times will be announced later.
  • College Recruiting activities: (a) likely a seminar in December (b) skill preparation practices for college recruiting video and (c) video taping players for college recruiting videos.
  • Tweener Clinic: Plan to attend!  We’ll have Setter clinics and All-Skills clinics just for Rocket players for 13s thru 18s teams. 11s & 12s will also have Tweener practices – separately.  Dates are likely Dec 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31 during the day with some evening hours. (Different age groups on different dates.)
  • Team practices: There will likely be some team practices on Sunday, Dec 31, Jan 1 and Jan 2.  This will be for teams attending tournaments on Jan 4/5.

Greatest Coaches!


Many thanks to all the Iowa Rockets coaches!  Over 500 players have tried out for Iowa Rockets volleyball in the past 5 weekends.  Players did an AWESOME job – sooooo much talent.  Coaches were outstanding.  15 – 20 coaches at every tryout session have made this the biggest and best tryouts ever.  Their dedication and commitment to “Kids First” have made Iowa Rockets volleyball a phenomena (and affordable) club year in and year out over the past 19 years!

More Info…


Want more information – such as COST or TOURNAMENTS or Practices?  Want more from volleyball?  Find out more about Iowa Rockets on our “ROCKET SCIENCE” page. Learn all about Iowa Rockets Volleyball In a Nutshell. Iowa Rockets provides clinics this coming October – visit our Player Clinics page.  Iowa Rockets has more tournaments – visit our Tournament Schedule page for a look at last season’s schedule for an idea of what we do, where we go and how we did. Iowa Rockets has more alumni – check out the Recruiting Rockets Have Landed page to see a list of the 250+ Iowa Rockets alumni. Want more college recruiting – check out the Recruiting Recent Rockets Commitments for a look at the 16 college commitments – from just THIS YEAR. Want more training – you’ve come to the right place – where excellent training is a TRADITION!

She’s a Freshman

“She’s a FRESH-MAN – CLAP – CLAP – clap,clap,clap” a proud little cheer you’ll be hearing a LOT this high school season. Take a look at the various freshmen girls playing varsity volleyball for their high school and you’ll see there is a LOT to CLAP about!  There are a number of talented freshmen who are rising to the occasion and hold a significant role on their high school varsity volleyball team. The transition from Jr High School to High School is a big step and these freshmen are thrown into challenging dynamics with girls two, three, or four years older than they – even before their first day of high school.

As freshmen on a varsity team they face unique challenges ranging from transportation, group dynamics, and schoolwork. Both the parents and the girls know and understand the sacrifices – parents get up by 5:30 am and girls drag themselves out of bed for a 6 am practice. The ride home at 5:30 or 6:00 pm has made it a long day when the parents swing by the school again or the girls manage a ride home from an upper class teammate. Most girls are fortunate to have supportive and understanding teammates. Still, these young players often feel they have to tread lightly at practice, on the bus, and in games. They are careful to be respectful and helpful. As a freshman, it is a delicate task to share your knowledge (volleyball IQ) but not come off as bossy “know-it-all”. Some young players struggle with this and they err on the side of caution; so they often don’t give their experienced advice or share their knowledge for the risk of overstepping their freshman bounds.

While in season, all varsity players must cope with the demands of a rigorous practice and game schedule while maintaining stellar academics. These freshmen are at a disadvantage by not having refined their study skills or juggling skills. They find themselves thrown into the deep-end and struggle to cope with assignments, papers, and tests. After a full day of school, after school practice or an evening match, they find themselves burning the midnight oil, literally, just to keep up. Fortunately, the characteristics of determination and strong work ethics which make them succeed on the volleyball court also help them succeed in the classroom.

Along the same vein, being a parent whose freshman daughter plays varsity volleyball is not all glamour and praise.  Sometimes parents of these freshmen players encounter a supportive parent-atmosphere or sometimes a somewhat resentful parent-atmosphere. At some point in every match a freshman error will occur and the parents seem to take it a bit harder than their upper-classman parent counterparts. It’s just the nature of the beast – but just as the players have been coached to be resilient and to bounce back, so must the parents.

In fact, the players may be more resilient. They have been placed in tough situations before, such as Qualifier tournament, Regional Championships, AND National Championship tournament, and have been trained to be mentally tough, positive, and confident. Parents we spoke with shared they don’t think their freshman player gets nervous while on the big court or in the spotlight. Again, the player’s prior experience in big tournaments and overly-noisy venues have prepared the girls to remain calm and confident during tough times. In fact, the girls often go above and beyond to share their confidence with teammates. This year, we see that several freshmen have an additional challenge – they are playing a different position than they play in club.  We have players who play OH in club playing MH in high school, club RS players as MH, club MH playing RS. These girls have been trained to be versatile and CONFIDENT in all they do.

Each freshman girl we spoke with is honored to have the opportunity play with older teammates. They welcome the challenge working with and playing against older opponents. They understand they are just one part of a larger team and are grateful to have supportive teammates. These freshmen have made new friends and most have found a special teammate who is willing to take them under their wing as they travel the next leg of their volleyball journey.

Congratulations to Iowa Rockets players from Iowa Rockets 14R and 14 Black. At last count 14 freshmen girls are playing varsity for their high school teams.

Player Videos


Last season was terrific.

Iowa Rockets is blessed with so many young, talented players.  They are leaders on their school and club teams – and are working hard to land the college of their dreams!  Check out these skills and game videos of Iowa Rockets players.  See them in action – from Chicago, to Denver, to St. Louis, to Indianapolis!

If you happen to be a college coach, feel free to contact our Iowa Rockets Recruiting coordinator, Lauren Hansen (contact us page).

Ruthie Jahn – Outside/MB/Right Side – 2020 – Highlight Video <- NEW
Mia Loughran – Outside/DS – 2020 – Highlight Video <- NEW
Breanna Ver Meer – Right Side – 2020 – Highlight Video <- NEW
Kate Benzing – Middle/Outside – 2019 – Highlight Video <- NEW
Kennedy Bombei – Setter/DS – 2021 – Video Highlights<- NEW
Karly Berkland – Libero/DS – 2019 – Presidents Day 2018 St. Louis Video<- NEW
Kelsey Koberg – Outside/DS – 2021 – Highlight Videos<- NEW
Abby Brunssen – Middle – 2020 – 2017 Highlight Video highlights<- NEW
Sommer Daniel – Setter/Hitter – 2020 – 2016-2017 Early season highlights<- NEW
Martha Pace – OH/DS – 2021 – Video Highlights<- NEW
Abbey Fryauf
– MB/RS/OH – 2019 – Video Highlights<- NEW
Cheyaenne Bunch – Setter/DS – 2020 – Video Highlights<- NEW
Kate Benzing – Middle/Outside – 2019 – Skills Video <- NEW
Brianna Morales – Outside/Right Side/DS- 2018 – Video Highlights<- NEW
Cheyaenne Bunch – Setter/DS- 2020 – NCSA Video Highlights<- NEW
Taylor Smith – Setter/DS/RS – 2020 – NCSA Highlight Videos
Alison Godwin – RS/MB – 2019 – Video Highlights 2017
Grace Fleckenstein – DS/Libero – 2019 – NCSA Highlight Video
Alana Woolison – Middle/OH – 2019 – NCSA Highlight Video
Kelsey Law – RS/DS/OH – 2020 – Video Highlights 2016
Shauntina Williams – OH/RH – 2019 – Sophomore Year HS Highlights
Sommer Daniel – Setter/Hitter – 2020 – Game Footage: Sept 2016 HS Season